Playaday: Savoring Senses

#115—What can I love and savor through my senses?



Setting: The edge of a forest. A semi-circle with Human in the center

All right, you guys. I’ve brought you here because I want to know what your worlds are like. So tell me.

Oh, I can see. I can see miles and miles. My world is clear and far and full. And silent, but for the wind.

And my world is dark and snuffly, full of musk and meat, grubs, berries, apples, acorns, the edible treasures you throw into cans and hang in feeders. And you, always you, and your dogs, all around.

Nothing but sound. Sharp and hard. Buzzings and screamings and the dullnesses of clotheslines and grass. The hollowness of openings in boxes and towers and holes in walls.

Thick, wet, dry, crumbly, slick, live and soft, dark and hard. Edible, poison. Spring, sharp. Air near the tops.

And you, Human? Tell us your world.

Not as clear or far, but enough for me. Flowers an dfood, just enough. Wind and music and th evoices of my friends. Not every rustle and click and snap. The smooth sheets and stones, the rough of pavement and sand. And, too, the sweet of peach and bitter of coffee. The salt of cheese, the comfort of bread. The taste of coming snow. The sense of who I am.

Also written among the thrum and bustle of our son’s family. I did not write one on the 14th, in the car on the way home.

One comment on “Playaday: Savoring Senses

  1. Christine Moore says:

    I do enjoy this one.

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