March Prompts #3: MARCH SNOW



This snowstorm’s not exactly late,

In fact, they happen all the time.

This sort of thing’s what we expect

For living in a Northern clime.


Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean

It’s something we appreciate–

Wouldn’t it be more comforting

If winter had a closing date?



TOURISTS–a bit of autumn doggerel

TOURISTS–a bit of autumn doggerel


He lingered beside the covered bridge,

while his wife sat in their red auto.

The car with its Lousiana plates

blocked the road while he took the photo.


I welcomed him to Vermont. Why not?

They’re everywhere you go.

I’ve stopped being hostile, or even annoyed

(but I live in New Haven, not Stowe).


One time in Ireland, I entered a pub,

and everyone there stopped their talking.

And once I admired an old French church

while bereted men stood smoking and gawking.


I walked down the street in a small Polish town;

women parted their curtains to peer.

It’s good to be kind to the strangers we meet

since we’re all of us tourists here.