Playaday: Ripping Paper

What a terrible prompt.

#107—Ripping Paper

Writer at a Typewriter
Artist with a sketch pad

The humans are seated around a table, on which is a stack of paper. The dog is under the table.

I like to rip paper. Whenever I write something that’s terrible, I enjoy tearing it up into thin strips, and then crumpling the strips into a ball which I then toss on the floor.
(Removes a piece of paper from the typewriter, tears it, crumples it, and throws it on the floor.)

I like to rip paper. Every day I draw a little sketch, just for practice, and then I tear it in half and wad it up and throw it over my shoulder.
(Does that.)

I like to rip paper. 
(Grabs a fistful of paper from the table and starts tearing it and throwing the pieces around.) 

(Picks up papers on the floor and tears them into tiny pieces. )

2 comments on “Playaday: Ripping Paper

  1. Christine Moore says:

    This SO needs a cat…..

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