. . . . she must speak

to men in the language of men with a man’s tongue,

and then they will not hear her

because they understand her.

     ~Ursula K. Le Guin, ‘While the Old Men Make Ready to Kill” 


Aunt, I miss you.

Not many here

speak Woman.


Aunt, an owl keeps flying over me.

She wants me to learn to sit still,

hunt words. Wants me to focus,

lock on. I’ve seen her

dive for frogs, sit on a branch

with a green leg dangling

from her beak. I’ve found

marks of her wings in the snow.

I’ve found the blood of rabbit.

I’ve heard her singing in the dark.


Aunt, my hills are covered with snow.

The men still aren’t listening

but the women keep singing

for ourselves and our nieces.

Aunt, we are learning to hunt.

We are still learning to fly.

NOMINATIVE CASE: a found poem


Longmans’ English Grammar, now 100 years old, is fabulous, especially the examples. Here are a few:



found in Longmans’ English Grammar, 1917

Exult, ye proud patricians.

Tom’s brother will come tomorrow.

Highest queen of state, great Juno comes.

Was the garden gate closed just now?


The Hudson is a beautiful river.

Put on they strength, O Zion!

Have those new houses been let already?

Pretty flowers grow in my garden.


The tall trees are shaking in the wind.

The golden corn was waving in the sun.

The great bell is tolling slowly.

Art thou he that should come?


Is the little child sleeping?

Have you been waiting long?

It was the lark, the herald of the morn.

O night and darkness, ye are wondrous strong.


Old King Cole was a merry old soul.

The hunters killed Bruin, the bear.

Art thou that traitor angel?

We have been friends for many years.


The careless girl was looking off her book.

I hope that I shall be a scholar some day.

I am going to Chicago next week.

I’m to be queen of the May.

April Prompt #2

April Prompt #2


Mary’s #5


The way they forget to

I mean you’d think

that someone would have taught

who runs the place now anyway?

If we don’t make it compulsory

or at least certify

but then there’s “local control”

which nobody has anyhow

some damned leftover from what?

So what gets to me, is you walk

down the street and there it is

all the time, everywhere

right in plain sight. And once

even in a school. I mean, a  SCHOOL,

really. I’m not kidding. I wish

I were. Since it was a blackboard,

I could fix it. And somebody

thanked me, which was nice.

One more example of how

nobody cares. Sloppy thinking.

The end of civilization.

It has nothing at all to do

with inclusion, by the way,

or anything like that. I hate

it when people use that excuse.

If you think we have rule’s,

just look at, say, the Japanese.

What’s the point? Don’t even

get me started about

texting God knows where

and Thank You For Having Me.