words: Now








Oh, stop wringing your hands.

There’s not a thing you can do

to restore what you foolishly thought

was normal. There is no such thing

and never was. You can’t bring back

a past that didn’t happen. 

All of it, all of it, every year of it,

every moment of it, is a construction 

of your wishes and beliefs, of your fears. 


Put on your coat. 

Go out into the world.

Listen to the song sparrows 

claiming their spaces. 

Look at the scilla blossoms

under the gingko tree— 

you say they are blue,

but who knows what they say 

about themselves?



~Latin considerare to observe, think about, from com- + sider-, sidus heavenly body


Consider the birds,

how they find their way

in the sutumn night.


Consider the lilies:

A star surrendered

its light.


Consider the heavens.

We are not

the stuff of dreams.