April Prompt # 7: DIRECTIONS


something that is easy for others

but almost if not totally impossible for you 



~for John Pratt


Take the first left after the traffic light,

head south about half a mile. The road will

kind of divide in three. Ignore the drive-

ways on the right, and bear right. There’s a jog

heading east right after you round the first

easy corner–not the sharp corner with

the yellow sign. There’s mountains to the west

and a little gap in the hills on the

east. Head for that gap, but before you get

there, you’ll see an apple orchard–or a

Christmas tree farm–a commercial tree place

of some kind. Turn left onto what looks like

a little farm road. It isn’t, really,

it’s a town road, but it isn’t marked, or

at least it wasn’t last week. They steal the

sign sometimes, so it usually isn’t

there. If it’s there, I think it’s Orchard Road,

or something like that. Or somebody’s name.

Wilson Road, or Sunderland, or something.

Three or four miles down that road, it will fork.

There are a bunch of little driveways, but

the main road is pretty obvious.  Take

the right fork. You should see a cemetery

on the left. I’m pretty sure on the left

since you’re coming from that direction. We’re

the fourth–no, fifth, there’s some new houses–house

on the north after the cemetery.


You can’t miss it.

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