born (or borne)  or bourn, for that matter.




Winding small and smaller

into this fractaled labyrinth—

this, and this, and oh yes

this again—I know this path,

this curve, this color.

No center, only pattern,

the bourn approached

but never reached.

If Platonic, I’d re-form

the beast, Cynic, manipulate. 

Stoic, I’d pay it no mind.

If there were a beast, 

something here not myself,

this endless ball of string.



One comment on “words: TO ARIADNE, WITH APOLOGIES

  1. Christine Lee Moore says:

    Your works so often cause me to have to look things up (look up things?). And I like that. For example, bourn and Ariadne (because I am woefully illiterate of the classics). Do you know, there are some fabulous art works depicting Ariadne? I could happily hang several of them in my house, if I had any unused wall space.

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