To Martha Stewart:

How many cats do you think is normal?  How many times do I have to tell you that if you don’t write to me once a week, I go crazy?  Yesterday I broke a frying pan, banging it on the front walk.  I cracked the cement, too.  PLEASE WRITE!!!


To Princess Diana:

Enclosed are 3 photographs.  One was taken on Dover Beach, right before the war.  The others are obviously photos of you when you were a little child.  Funny how much you resemble yourself, even then.


To Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

I’d like to go to Paris, or Tokyo–someplace big and confusing where I can’t speak the language.  I need a navy blue sweater with white, narrow stripes and some white pants to wear.  And red shoes.  I don’t want to take my mother.


To Margaret Mead:

I must sign off so I can get this to the Post Office today.  It takes several hours to walk there, now that the bridge is out.  I carry scraps of bread and chicken bones to divert the foxes, who can be harassing this time of year.



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