They were in a church for a couple of weeks
and then they replaced the angels.

Only a couple of weeks
so they must have been
very holy, very light.

Hard work:  on call at all hours
but beyond the concept of hour
since in Heaven there is no time.
Circadian rhythm shot to hell.

Great clothes, however, and,
though technically unnecessary,
haloes and gorgeous wings.

The fear aspect would be disconcerting–
always to manifest unexpectedly
and required to reassure:
Oh, don’t be scared.
I’m just one of God’s infinite Voices,
here to tell you something
that will forever invert your life.

So who would want it?
But then, the woman who shared this piece of news
with her companion didn’t say
if the angel replacements were pleased.

And–and this is my major concern–
what of the angels who were displaced?
Where–if there is a where–did they go?
Are they here, disguised in sweaters and jeans,
bemused at the effects of gravity?
Or are they there, speeding mysteries,
comprising the incomprehensible
energy of the Dark?

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