WHEN LOST–a found poem

If you should miss your way,
the first thing to remember is like the Indian,
“You are not lost;  it is the teepee that is lost.”

It isn’t serious.
It cannot be so,
unless you do something foolish.

You may be sure:
You are not nearly as far
from camp as you think you are.

The worst thing you can do
is to get frightened.
It is fear that robs the wanderer
of judgement and of limb power;
it is fear that turns
the passing experience
into final tragedy.

If there is snow on the ground,
you can follow your back track.

If you see no landmark,
look for the smoke of the fire.
Shout from time to time, and wait;
for though you have been away for hours
it is quite possible you are
within the earshot of your friends.

Keep cool, make yourself comfortable,
leave a record of your travels
and help your friends to find you.


Found in The Girl Scout Handbook, 1920