Come Holy Spirit, come
like a red eft creeping out
from under wet leaves,
crossing the travelled highway
at night after rain.
Come like the brown anole comes north
unexpected in bananas or limes;
like a gecko hunting roaches on a wall.
Come like chameleon;
like iguana still as deep green death
flittering a cloven tongue.
Come like Komodo parting the ways
with your stinking breath.  Come
clear the carrion from this isle.
Come Holy Spirit
come like the Dragon remembered of old
rattling and clanking on golden wings.
Seize our treasures  for your twinkling hoard.
Burn away all that will burn.

published in:

The Other Side, Spring, 2003
Behold:  Arts for the Church Year, Lent Easter 2006
And most recently in a book called at the Still Point, A Literary Guide to Prayer in Ordinary Time, compiled by Sarah Arthur, Paraclete Press, 2011