O Again: 5. O Oriensast

O Again

O Oriens (my favorite)

Oriens. O Oriens.* 
Our Star in the East
today rises as far South
as she goes. Tomorrow
she’ll cross the line
to lengthen our days.

O Oriens, O Morning Star—
Come and enlighten.
Sun of Fiery Dawnings—
Sun of Rooting Bulbs—
Sun of Joyful openings—
O Oriens, come.

*(Just say it. It does nice things in the mouth.)


3 comments on “O Again: 5. O Oriensast

  1. Maggie says:

    loveLoveLOVE this. Yes, I do.

  2. Mary Pratt says:

    I just realized I’m a day ahead. I may have to do one to make up for it, if I can think of a word. O Silliass?

  3. Christine Moore says:

    And as I read these, I’m reading an example of the Antiphons from Baylor University. And sometimes finding wonderful examples of them sung in chant on YouTube. And yes, I’m ready for some Glorious Dayspring!

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