O Again

O Sapienta (Fifty Years later)

Holy Wisdom sets things
in order. If there is an order
to set. If there are indeed
things. Moreover, what
does it mean to be wise?

Premise: Holy Wisdom might
show us the path of knowledge.
Why would that be a path and how,
precisely, might it be revealed?
Furthermore, what can be known?

O Sapienta: Holy Wisdom. 
A good night to conceive
a philosopher on an unheated 
waterbed in a cold bedroom.
We didn’t have a clue.


2 comments on “THE ANTIPHONS RETURN: 1. O Sapienta

  1. Maggie says:

    loveLoveLOVE ❤🤗❤

  2. Christine Moore says:

    Again, you have me reaching for the internet font of knowledge, Google, to get an understanding of what it is about which you write (she said trying not to end a sentence in a preposition). And again, I learn something new – for which I am always grateful. So, trying to understand a bit of this one, Is Henry turning 50?

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