Playaday: The gods at home

#40–A poem in the voice of a god or goddess


HESTIA—goddess of the hearth

ATHENA—goddess of war, among other things

LOKI—the Trickster


The Media Room on Olympus, comfortably furnished. Coffee table with bags of junk food. A TV that’s on, no sound.

At Rise:

Hestia sprawled on the sofa, eating something crunchy out of a bag. Athena in a chair, watching the screen, intently. 


Look at that. Will you just look at it? It’s my thing, and even I’m appalled. Oh, for the days of single combat!

Ah, who gives a shit? I gave up on that lot a long time ago. We were here before they were, we’ll be here after they’re gone. Why bother yourself with them?


I think you’re wrong. I think that when they’re gone, we will be, too. I mean, think about it. Since that Greek lot faded away, we’ve been pretty much confined here. Nobody calls us, nobody burns cattle for us, nobody challenges us. Nobody down there believes in us. We’re just, just, characters in stories. That’s the only thing that keeps us going. So when they’re gone, the stories will be gone, too. We’re just doomed.

Maybe you are, but who every told a story about me? I’m fire, right? Have you ever seen a statue of me?


Um. I guess not. But there’ve got to be some. I mean, those Greeks made statues of everything.


Well, yeah. A few. But nothing like the ones of you, and Hera and Aphrodite. Everybody knows what Aphrodite looks like.


Or what they think she looked like. Or used to look like. I mean, now, she’s just another old woman trying to keep her girlish figure.


Anyhow, my point is. I’m the personification of fire, so even without them, I’ll be here. Maybe even more so, depending


But isn’t it about the hearth? I mean, there won’t be any actual hearths when they’re gone. 

Who knows? I’m not losing any sleep over it. Want some chips?


No thanks.

Party mix? Demeter made some fresh. It’s pretty good.


Oh, maybe. She does make good party mix. Lots of garlic.

(She gets some food and sits comfortably.)

(Loki enters.)

Son of a gun. Loki. What are you doing on this mountain? I thought you were still bound. Has your Ragnarok happened already?


Nope. It turns out it might not. Who knows? Wotan and that lot are all sitting around trying to figure out if they need to arm up. Nobody’s been paying much attention to me lately and my chains kinda wore out, so I left. And I heard that there were good snacks here. Might was well hang out with you all, if you don’t mind. 

Sure. Help yourself.

Make yourself at home.


(Grabbing a handful of food and sitting.)


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