Before I begin my celebration of Poetry Month, which this year will involve going on strike for better working conditions, here’s a poem.


I was shopping this morning, double-masked

because my second shot is days away.

Young women working the check-out counters

were waiting for customers and laughing,

laughing loud at some private check-out joke.

And I found my anger surge up at them:

young women, masked, trapped behind plastic shields.

Being human, sharing humor. And anger

at myself for fearing the sound of delight.

What have we lost? What have I lost?

I hope someday no one will understand 

double masks, plastic shields, second shots.

2 comments on “WHAT WE’VE LOST

  1. linda shere says:

    have had that same reaction sometimes. so sad

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Christine Lee Moore says:

    That is a hope I will join you in praying for.

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