APRIL FOOL–and it’s Poetry Month, once more



The trickster dances

through the opened fields,

scattering ticks. Maybe


later, snow. Lately,

they’ve been playing

with a germ, teaching


us that we need

soap and friends

and fewer things


than we thought.

That we can bake

and ponder. That


the world is very


3 comments on “APRIL FOOL–and it’s Poetry Month, once more

  1. Linda Shere says:

    like this. indeed it does feel small surrounded by such enormity. i am trying like us all to keep the small precious and vital. and to let the spring in.

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  2. Christine Lee Moore says:

    So THAT’S how the ticks got to Vermont!
    Seriously, I enjoyed this. So many truths. One thing that strikes me is that the world is not only small, it continues to be ordinary in this extraordinary time. Babies are born, people get difficult diagnoses, people celebrate milestones, people die. People just don’t work, congregate, shop, touch and such – so much – anymore. As I write this, our oldest grandson is undergoing knee surgery. And so it goes.

  3. I have a friend who has lots of friends and inlaws in Syria, and she says the same thing. During the horror of the war, people were doing all of the above. We can be amazingly adaptable!

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