Imaginary Paintings: All Souls’, The Witch


~The Kilkenny Book of Hours, c. 1410

Outside, a half moon, waning.

Inside she sits by the fire, 

gray cat on her lap.

Her clothes are unremarkable

and her long gray hair is unbound

and mingles with the cat’s fur.

On the plain table, a wooden

bowl of apples. Garlic

and onions hang on pegs. 

A single dove shelters

on a rafter. A sudden wind

blows open the door.

2 comments on “Imaginary Paintings: All Souls’, The Witch

  1. Christine Lee Moore says:

    Whenever I see pictures of witches these days, at least the older ones, I think of all the old women who were victims of superstition and greed. I think of how people still will pick out a single Bible passage to justify acting on their fears and biases. But. I liked your poem.

  2. I often think of that. There is certainly some evidence that in the Olden Days there weren’t many really old women, so women who lived to be old were suspect.

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