Winter Prompt #27: Something left behind in a place you’ve never been


Winter Prompt #27

I left two novels.

I left five collections of poems

and scripts for six plays. I left

an article about conodonts

and a treatise on the rights of women.

I left them on that island in Maine—

I can never remember its name—

it was a two hour ferry ride—

where I didn’t live

in a small, low house in a meadow.

Not right on the shore since I couldn’t

afford it, but a short walk to the rocks

where I didn’t sit with my notebook

and my thermos of coffee

early every morning

whenever the weather permitted.

I left a few pottery bowls there, too,

a cello, a field of daffodils,

and in the shallow soil the buried bones

of a couple of dogs I loved.

Oh, and a little lilac bush that didn’t

amount to much because of the wind.

3 comments on “Winter Prompt #27: Something left behind in a place you’ve never been

  1. Jane says:

    Clearly you have been there through this poem Mary! And now I feel I have been there too. Thank you, I enjoyed the trip very much.

  2. Christine Lee Moore says:

    I’d love to hear about what went into this poem. What you were thinking, and were you really there – or not.

  3. I have been to that island. The poem is mostly about that thing that happens when you reach a Certain Age and realize that the life you chose meant that there were other lives you didn’t!

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