Winter Prompt #11: Spells


Winter Prompt #11


Great spider, untangle

the threads you’ve spun.

Turn to dust the husks of bees

and flies sucked dry.

Bits of leaf and fur let fall

and in the dark a new web weave

so in the dawn’s light

we may see the shining shape

of all set free.


Audmula lick us from the ice,

Skadi, hunt up the sun,

free us from this Niflheim.

Bragi, loosen my tongue.

2 comments on “Winter Prompt #11: Spells

  1. Christine Lee Moore says:

    This caused me to do a bit of research to learn who you refer to in verse 2. So, new knowledge. Rarely a bad thing. As for spiders, there is a Navajo creation story that says ‘when the Dine people came through Mother Earth to this world, then Spider Woman came out of a hole in Mother Earth to teach the Navajo how to weave. Then she returned’. One a vision of creation, one of death. All in all, rather like a deity, don’t you think?

  2. I learned about Grandmother Spider from my very own spinning teacher, ages ago. Yes, very like a deity. It fascinates me that so many cultures see creation/death in similar ways, and why not?

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