STILL RESISTING–a prompt poem


Prompt #3 again: What did you most resist before you found it suited you?


I don’t do things I resist.


I resist swimming because

I sink like a stone,

I don’t like fish nibbling my toes.


Running makes my hips hurt.

Bicycling is too much work.

Inflexibly, I resist yoga.


Beets taste like dirt, only worse,

so I resist them. And goat cheese.

And martinis. And cocktail parties.


And answering the telephone

before noon. And attending

meetings of any kind of committee.


If I don’t like a book

or a movie, I stop. I resist

literary criticism with a passion


that borders on insanity.

Resisting does not diminish my life.

It suits me. I like


screens that keep out the bugs.

I like jackets and boots

that keep out the wet and cold.


I like my resistances.

They keep me unbitten.

They keep me dry.

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