April prompt #14: FAMILY SECRET

April prompt # 14


Janet’s #5

All the women in our family have affairs.

It started with great-grandmother Gertie

who fell for the man who dug her mother’s

grave. Grandma Effie’s seventh child

looked just like the rags-and-bones man. Sedate

great-auntie Hortense was caught by her husband

in the wardrobe. Though she was in her knickers,

she wasn’t changing her dress.  Great-uncle

forgave her because she had the money.

On the Irish side, my publican granny

and namesake often did it under the bar

with the man who delivered the pickled eggs.

Her daughter Lizzie had it on with her

dental hygenist.  I have a photo

of Mother gazing into a camera

held by a man who was not my father.

And as for me—Remember the pirates

who once-upon-a-time kidnapped my brother?

I still see the handsome captain now and then.

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