April Prompt MY OTHER LIFE

April prompt #11


Janice’s #2

It reminded me of that morning

I stood up to my neck in waves

to keep a seaplane from blowing

into the cliffs, and of the time

I carried those three children down

the castle stairs while black smoke choked

from the tower above. The shootout

with the pirates who kidnapped my

brother. Distracting the rhino

with a drum. Jumping from the railroad

bridge above the gorge. The last stretch

of crevassed ice before the basecamp

shone through the snowfog. Different

circumstances, but the same sense—

that strong heartbeat, power in the arms.

Knowledge that all would be well because

I would make it so.


It was windy.

Rain. Gray sky.

Somebody let dogs through,

didn’t replace the wire.

Calves are curious and small.


I’d have liked my stetson against

the rain. I’d have liked my rope. My

pony knows what to do. Car doesn’t.



we rounded him up,

opened the gate,

returned him to his bawling mother.

All in a day’s work.


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