April Prompt #7:THE CHEAP HOTEL

April #7



Janet’s #1–The Cheap Hotel

We drove all afternoon and into the night.

My God, Arizona is big.


Did we stop for supper?

I don’t remember.


Just that one road, on and on.

Mesas out there, black against the stars.


Beethoven’s ninth on the radio for awhile.

For some reason, I remember that.


Ode to Joy.

When we could not go on,


a motel with the desk next to the bar.

Pinpoints of light, nothing illuminated.


Carrying our bags through the parking lot.

What did that room look like?


It was dark.

We were on the road again before dawn.

3 comments on “April Prompt #7:THE CHEAP HOTEL

  1. Oh, Mary – the heartbreak and speed, and yet loving tenderness, are so well crafted into this.

  2. Thanks. I’ve tried to write about it before, but this prompt finally gave me the focus I needed.

  3. Carol says:

    Like. An emotional time.

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