~for Arthur


Everything should change.

I should grow a third eye

or another pair of arms.

Or wings.


Maybe I will sprout wings

or grow a tail.

I’ve always wanted

a tail.


Maybe I’ll stop

wearing jeans and start

wearing cotton print dresses

with lace collars.


Should I try again

to like sewing?

Dare I attempt

a gingerbread house?


I want to be softer,

quieter. I want

to remember the stories

so I can tell them right.


All the old photos

labeled, the letters

in boxes, the knick-knacks

accounted for.


There will be no

sharp edges

in our house.

Nothing loud.


The world should

get better. All the guns

should vanish, and everything

else that might hurt


a baby. All the gods

should stop and shake hands

out in public

where their people can see.


Everything should get beautiful

for him, not just his house

with the lilacs,

with the little garden,


with the sunny,

soft-colored rooms, but

every corner of every place.

Every single one.


  1. burnham holmes says:

    And I still want to be really small.–Burnham

    • And I wanna be BIG.


      If I’m not good at pretending to be a man and no good at being young, I might just as well start pretending that I am an old woman.

      ~U. K. LeGuin


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