These are my                                       words:
Open them, reach out with them.
Get them to move like dancers,
make them tilt
and cup the neighbor head.
brush the dirt
or torso over into parallel.
Let them
brush back down your body
as you uncurl.

I am
small and contained.
There is breath in my arms
my arms
are involved but not big, my hands
big hands, my hands
in loose fists.

Let my                                                     words
run your diamond
path. Give me my place
in the tango,
that stomping clump.
I will take
the first count of five
and go where I need to
These are my:
1) words
2) gestures of sound
3) feathers
4) flickers
5) beads-on-a-string

Some of this section refers to rehearsal notes from Hannah Dennison, the choreographer of Dear Pina,.


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