CATHEDRAL: Theme and Variations

Where things are said
in stone, not words,

can fill a vault,
and glass change light
to blue,

where painted
angels surrounding
the Mother
make solemn gestures
of peace.


The stone said not a word.
Songs are blue glass
where light can enter.
Turning around the mother,
a solemn angel opened her wings.

You can enter the word vault to hear the stone song.
Each change of glass is light blue.
Angels open gracefully around the mother’s arms.

The poetry of stone statues speaks more clearly.
The language of music is closer to god.
Gently open the arms of the angel of peace.

All things are unsaid
in rock, a silent language.
Music empties every cave,
every blue song changes the light.
Invisible spirits laugh
as they turn around the hungry gods.

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