1. During the production of megaspores,
the chalaza isn’t a good hangout for someone with allergies.
2.  Without a chalaza, where do the integuments  and nucelluses join?
3.  If you stand with your back to the chalaza,
on a sunny day you can see light coming through the micropyle.

1.  The bareback rider leaped from the galloping horse
and landed gracefully on the smooth silver top of the parallelepipedon.
2.  After much searching, the antique dealer
found a parallelepipedonic jewelry box for the completion of my collection.
3.  She felt tired, unbalanced, as if a giant hand had pulled her normally cubic form
into a parallelepipedon.

1.  Jeremiah smouched a lavender-scented Tum from his mother’s handbag.
2.  Creeping around through the kitchen door, the wily dog smouched
the leg of lamb that Cook was planning to roast for the family’s dinner.
3.  In the soft summer evening, under the moon, he smouched a smooch.

1.  The gyacuti, wary of the influx of flatlanders to Vermont,
are migrating in large numbers to the Canadian Rockies.
2.  The orthopedist told me that if I didn’t get a lift in my left shoe, I’d walk like a gyacutus.

3.  It is now believed by reputable ecologists that sidehill erosion in many New England localities  was not the result of overgrazing by sheep in the 1800’s,
but by herds of post-glacial gyacuti.

1.  When the baby heard the old man singing “Don’t fence me in,”
she was seized with tarantism, and bobbed up and down,
up and down, on her mother’s lap.
2.  I suffered from tarantism once, but after several years in a support group,
I find that I can stand still on most rhythmic occasions.
3.  There is nothing in nature that can be compared to the sight of a herd of gyacuti
in the grip of their springtime tarantism.

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