What if the world is ending now?
What if the bees
are never coming back?

Garlic mustard is invading
everywhere. I can’t begin
to pull it all.

What if the maple trees
and earthworms
move away?

What if the sky
becomes a plastic dome?
I think the wars will never end.

I live in the country.
I have to drive everywhere.
What if all the wells run dry?

I’m making compost
out of everything.
I’m trying to write this poem.

2 comments on “APOCALYPSE

  1. erieffel says:

    if those maples do run away
    she’ll walk them back
    and hug them till they stay

    and if those wells do run dry
    she’ll feed them poems,
    make them laugh till they cry

    and if those poems
    hide in the end
    she’ll find their seeds
    and start all over again

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