ORPHAN POEM–through Translation Party

A majorly failed poem turned out much better “translated.”  The original names are in parentheses beside their translations.


My past Batorandorasseru (Bertrand Russell) stride through the night
Rational thought, intellectual property argument.
Right, the baby Uiriamubureiku (William Blake) story:
Welcome to heaven and hell, is married to another point of view.
Library shelves, wood, old dream is to expand the old order —
Stone table, whispered rumors about the birth of a child’s learning.
Mother did not.
Standing here, I learned to see the belt of the world.
This child needs his mother; the case, I have hope.
The next day, I went a fair way: I woke up.
Children protest over cow push dust;
women “in the beam of my intellectual life,
she Shatsusukotti, (Scotty) cotton candy,  the accused,”
It is said that eating the product.
Paper cup, she was elected from a man sucked on a lemon.


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